Laura Diane Soer

Lunar Eclipse Healing

Deep shedding of toxicity and layers of betrayal and (self)-betrayal and reset the energy in DEEP SELF-LOVE during this Lunar Eclipse Healing.

$29.00 / month

Dark Moon Membership

Basic Moon Member

$297.00 / year

Dark Moon Membership

Laura Diane Soer

Divine Feminine with Mary Magdalene

High Energy Clearing Workshop around Sexuality and The Societal Goddess Wound of it no being ok to express sexuality.

Laura Diane Soer

Emotional Well-Being

Release overwhelm and learn you how to work with your emotions, recognise if it's old hurt, how to heal it and rebalance your emotions.

Laura Diane Soer

Invitation only: Inside Delphi

An 8-week journey into the self and the deepest layers of you. Only for those that desire to unravel their deepest secrets and uncover who they really are. Ready to learn your mysteries?