Laura Diane Soer

Business Unblock Bootcamp

Laura Diane Soer
3 x $29.00

3 Months Dark Moon Healing Circle

3 Months of Moon Healings and Gatherings during the Dark of the Moon. This is the time to transform your life, remove what's outdated, heal and open up to renewal.

$29.00 / month

May Dark Moon Bundle

Laura Diane Soer

Money Magick

Money Magick passes on Money Lessons from the Akashic Records on how to up and improve your income.

Laura Diane Soer

Divine Feminine with Mary Magdalene

High Energy Clearing Workshop around Sexuality and The Societal Goddess Wound of it no being ok to express sexuality.

Laura Diane Soer

Emotional Well-Being

Release overwhelm and learn you how to work with your emotions, recognise if it's old hurt, how to heal it and rebalance your emotions.