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The Release past Vows meditation bundle helps you transform and shift Past Life blocking energy.  

What are past vows?

In short it's those vows and promises subconsciously made. 

And they can hold you back. Clearing the energy on a high level can create a deep shift. And you'll usually recognise it took place by feeling emotional or even tremendous joy.  

The meditations are: 

+ Releasing Martyrdom (and feeling like you should pay for your sins, paying you dues and there may be constant feelings of blame). 

Symptom: It's all my fault. I deserve bad things. (uhm, nope!)

+ Releasing Vows of Poverty (not uncommon to those in service. After all the promises made usually related to helping for free or being devoted to a certain cause)

Symptom: Difficulty receiving or maintaining money. 

+ Releasing Chastity and vows of abstinence (awesome for those in relationships or single and wanting to be able to be more sexual. Those vows were often made in regards to the spiritual but also the likes of 'not having sex before marriage, etc.) 

Symptom: hard to surrender to sex/love and/or forever single/no sex. 

+ Releasing Vows of Obedience (think any type of master-slave relationships but also swearing loyalty to certain rulers, husbands (!)  and more). 

Symptom: I'm not free. I'm stuck and always working hard. 

+ Releasing Vows of Secrecy (another common one. Often found in Family Karma of course (you will not share the dirty laundry), but also promises made in all types of professions (think doctors) and on the more occult side: secret societies. 

Symptom: not speaking your truth. Hard to express yourself. Problems with being visible. 

BONUS: The WEBINAR ON PAST VOWS and how to release them (including two techniques and clearings)

***what is it?***

A promise made can keep you stuck

So often it’s a promise made or even a past life vow that can keep us stuck.

I see them often come up in Akashic Records healing. Think about phrases like: 'I will love you forever' or “I will always wait for you”. Ever said such a thing? If you did then you’ve created an energetic tie.

Often you don’t even know it’s there.

+ In love.
+ With making money.
+ In careers.
+ And in general: to simply have more ease

And you just can’t to seem to move forward.

What if you could remember that there was actually a promise made and then we would clear that promise?

That’s what I would love to do in this FREE release vows webinar for you.

Here’s what you may expect:
+ Understanding the power of vows
+ Aha’s about areas keeping you stuck.
+ A clearing that helps you UNBLOCK
+ And how to recall and DELETE promises made


Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Diane Soer

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self and authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power. She has 25+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid and Wiccan teachers. She worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine and newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach. Work with me one on one: Clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Clear Blocks, Alignment and more on As a coach I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you. In life and in business.

Course curriculum

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    • Release Vows of Martyrdom (and Self Punishment)

    • Release Vows of Poverty

    • Release Vows Of Obedience

    • Release Vows of Secrecy

    • Release Vows of Abstinence and Chastity

  • 2

    BONUS: Healing Masterclass to Release Past Vows

    • Healing Past Vow Masterclass

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