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The waning and dark moon phases are mainly about what is happening in your subconscious, and what may be unknowingly holding you back.

If you want anything in life then this is a very important step to take if you want to call in something. 

If it's not there then there is going to be a reason in the subconscious that may be holding you back. 

This is why Moon healing is so incredibly helpful because it will bring you back in touch with yourself or help you make more aware of what is actually going on. 

And when you do, you can shift and start shifting the energy within. 

All these healings are infused with Moon Energy. 
01: Radical Self-Love Healing: 

In this healing there's a deep shedding of toxicity and layers of betrayal and (self)-betrayal. We reset the energy in DEEP SELF-LOVE during this Lunar Eclipse Healing.

This is a MASSIVELY POWERFUL shift that you are being offered. Pluto on its own already builds and destroys worlds. Now imagine combining that with the most powerful tool that the universe has: Full Moon Eclipses.

Remember that you are the Golden Goose of your life.

If you are falling apart, no one wins.

In Radical Self-Love you will delete the patterns you are ready to release.

This has everything to do with the Solar Eclipse we just had (new beginnings/new relationship with the self and others) and the Cancer-Capricorn Axis.

You ARE asked to take the leadership role and be the CEO of your Life.

02: Growth and Abundance

You’ll be learning how to use the Renewal side of the Dark Moon Phase this month. ⁣

It can be a brilliant time to funnel in more growth and abundance during August. Not just based on the Moon, but the whole of Astrology in August.⁣

There’s a lot of support available for you. ⁣

If you want to join: the point of Manifestation will be activated the 2nd of August. Which is when the healing will take place. ⁣

You'll learn... ⁣
> How to throw a Manifesting Energy Ball (!)⁣
> Understand last month's lessons⁣
> Allow yourself to tune into your Next Level You that reaps rewards you asked for⁣

03: Remove Toxicity from your life

This next Dark Moon I’d love to invite you to step into Deep Transformation with me while we remove Toxicity from your life and work with being able to see TRUTH.

You will open up to seeing what was (or is) ‘toxic’ to you and are invited to release with the Moon when you are ready for it.  

This can be (but is not limited to:)

+ (Old) behaviours and responses
+ People and circumstances that are outdated
+ Material items relating to a time period

By letting go you are creating Space for what is a match to you right now.

04: Money Karma

Why? We've had the FINAL HARVEST and we are moving towards the ties of the Ancestors in October. 
This  Dark Moon I’d love to invite you to release yourself of Money Burden that were never yours to hold. You'll learn about the Money Karma of Your Country, of Timelines and your Family.

Whatever needs to be RELEASED will come up for you. 

You will also learn why we choose to work with the point of Silence for this (ancestral) and karmic work. 

05: Samhain Moon Healing

Samhain (Halloween) Moon is a beautiful time to connect with the Ancestors. 
The coming Samhain Dark Moon is about working with the ancestors. Ancestral themes I’ve been shown are in regards to the fathers and mothers side of your family.

Often there’s a dis-balance from within depending on your own preferences and your genes and who you are. This can mean you disallow the goodness from your genes and you may experience lack in certain life areas because of this.

We’ll be working with this theme in a Dark Moon Healing. There will be more ancestral (and Samhain) ritual tips for you and you’ll learn more about working with the Dark Moon Phase each month. 

06: Answering the call for deeper alignment

Are you able to see the false self? The false persona or how you'd like to see yourself can get in the way of your actual desires and alignment. 

This month could be confronting you with these questions: 

"You say you want to experience x, y or z in your next year?

Then how are you showing up for yourself? 

How are you interacting with your desires?" 

How aligned are your decisions?

Do you follow through?

Are you in integrity with yourself?"  

It doesn't matter if you are Snow White OR The Evil Queen. 

It does matter if you pretend to be Snow White while in reality your actions are like those of the Evil Queen. 

Clarity leads to the 
outcomes you desire.  

How do you create a deeper sense of alignment? By attuning your actions and your behaviour based on YOUR VALUES. 

CLEAR OUT any past debris that may be holding you back

07: Divine Leadership

This is the Age of Aquarius energy.

And you are being asked to lead the way.

You can't lead others if you can't lead yourself.

Capricorn and 2020 will ask you to be mature.

To take responsibility for your dreams and visions.

You are asked to Choose and stick with it.

What you''l build this year will last a long time.

If you get the steps and foundations right.

For some this may mean you will come full circle and decide to rebuild.

For others it will become crystal clear what step needs to be taken first.

You cannot heal the collective if you are unable to help yourself.

You cannot bring your dreams into reality without a framework.

In this healing you will work with the highest aspirations of the soul.

08: Calling in Emotional Security and how to build Inner Support

Since the energy of this year is all about building from a solid foundation we'll be working with your EMOTIONAL FOUNDATION. 

Moon Phases Work has the capacity to give you Emotional Stability and work with the emotional waves of life.

Unfortunately it's now often being taught in a way that will bring you from Mood Swing to Mood Swing (or shall we call them MOON SWINGS) and that's counter productive in navigating life.   

It's possible that what you thought was solid and secure was (or is) not.  

If it's not supporting you: it has to be replaced through INNER SUPPORT.

The reality is that no-one else but you can create that care for your needs and wants.

You have been asked to step into a new level of Emotional Maturity.

A level of maturity in which you take responsibility for your life and circumstances.

So you can lead the way for your life.

You get to share your gifts and talents from a solid place of showing up for yourself first.
And some had to see that they were depending on others.

You may have had buckle up.
Put on this big girl (man) pants.

Let's create a New Era together.
step into your Divine Self.
Be the leader for yourself first.

This is why you'll work with creating a secure, stable emotional foundation.

Inner security is what brings you the peace you seek.  

09: Blossom Moon - Allowing yourself to grow and blossom

It's beautifully aligned with Spring and a great time to call in focus for your life that you will benefit from throughout spring and summer.

Questions like:
What are you inviting in?
What would you like to grow in your life? 

> Your decisions are vital in creating outcomes you desire. 

> To be able to make good decisions, you want to check in with yourself and reflect.

When Mercury is direct you are going to tap into the most potent energy of the Moon and you're going to flow it towards the goal or vision that has been growing or you want to grow.

So you can now really burst and bloom this vision into existence.

10: Moon of Balance

You will be working with staying CENTRED & CONNECTED during times of turmoil.   

It's time to remember the Seasons and Cycles of Life and strengthen them from the inside. 

You will work with the point of Silence, because that is the phase of the Natural Pause. It's the time of NON-ACTION. You as Moon members know this. 

However as a society we've completely bypassed the seasons and cycles of life. 

Everything is always switched on and the disconnect from the Earth Wisdom and awareness of natural pace is larger than ever.

Not only do we exhaust ourselves. 

We also exhaust others, resources and we do not know how to create a healthy and flourishing environment. 

With this New Moon in Aries conjunct the planet Chiron many will be forced to remember and see (self-)destructive actions and habits. And that does give this Moon a dark rim. 

You as the space-holders, healers and empaths on this planet can set an example. 

A challenge for healers is to stay connected with The Self. 

That's what we will do.  

11: Coming home to yourself 

You will be working with Coming Home to Yourself. And tapping into the richness and value that is already present. 

Like last month you will work with the point of Silence, because that is the phase of the Natural Pause. 

It's the time of NON-ACTION. 

A pause creates the space to review and reflect. 

And when surrender and acceptance kicks in your essence starts to shine through.  

This upcoming moon is about coming home to yourself. 

It is about getting more comfortable with who you are at a core level. 

How is your soul doing? 

Who are you when you pause? When all the noise goes silent. 

Who is home? 
Who is present? 

Because when you're always looking for that next thing then you forget to honour everything that's already present for you. 

Everything that you've already put in there. And the actual balance is found by not moving around. It's about being. 

Being with the core of yourself.

Moon 12: Rewriting Family History. 

The Theme you will be working with is Rewriting Family History (and building a solid future). 

The upcoming Dark Moon Healing Circle will be strongly related to your roots, families and family structures.

> You will remove the parts that are no longer supporting you.

Cliche and true: if you keep repeating the same pattern over and over, then you're going to have the same results. 

> You're invited to move out these outdated patterns and patterning that you may have held within you for a long time relating to your family’s past.

> And you are invited to give yourself permission to start writing a new family history. 

So you can start building supportive systems and foundations on your terms.

Terms that will help you flourish and build lasting structures you’ll be proud of for many years to come. 

 Moon 13: Calling in the Healer

This healing is about stepping into the Healer Role.

> Learning to SELF-TRUST
> Learning to take responsibility for how you show up in the world.
> Honour Self-Growth and new levels of Awareness
> Learning to Care for yourself
> Learning to set Boundaries
> Revoking (Self) - Healing Gifts and Talents 

BONUS: Highest Potential Eclipse Healing

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Diane Soer

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self and authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power. She has 25+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid and Wiccan teachers. She worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine and newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach. Work with me one on one: Clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Clear Blocks, Alignment and more on As a coach I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you. In life and in business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Moon 01: Radical Self-Love Eclipse Healing

    • The Theme of the July 2019 Eclipse Healing

    • VIDEO: Radical Self-Love Eclipse Healing

  • 2

    Moon 02: Growth Magick and ligning up the energy for abundance

    • Theme: Activate Growth Magick (and learn to work with Manifesting Energy)

    • VIDEO: Moon Healing to call in Growth and Abundance

  • 3

    Moon 03: Snake Moon to remove toxicity and seeing truth

    • Theme of this Month: Removing Toxicity and Seeing Truth

    • Video: Snake Moon Healing to Remove Toxicity

  • 4

    Moon 04: Money Karma Healing

    • Theme of this Month: Money Karma

    • Video: Dark Moon Money Karma healing

  • 5

    Moon 05: Paternal and Maternal Ancestor healing

    • Theme of this Month: Rebalancing the gifts of your ancestors

    • Video: Ancestor healing and balancing between Mother's & Father's side

  • 6

    Moon 06: Removing the False self

    • The Theme of this Month: Remove The Mask (and answer the call of deeper alignment)

    • Video: Removing the False Self

  • 7

    Moon 07: Divine Leadership Eclipse Healing

    • The Theme of this Month: Eclipse Rebirth

    • Video: Solar Eclipse Healing to Empower you as a Leader

  • 8

    Moon 08: Emotional Security

    • The Theme of this Month: Emotional Security

    • Video: Dark Moon Healing for Emotional Stability and Inner Security

  • 9

    Moon 09: Blossom Moon

    • The Theme of this Month: Blossom Moon

    • Video: Blossom Moon

    • Meditation 2: Full Moon BLOSSOM

  • 10

    Moon 10 (March Moon of Balance)

    • The Theme of this Month: Staying Centred and Connected

    • Moon 10: Moon of Balance

  • 11

    Moon 11 (April Coming Home to Yourself)

    • The Theme of this Month: Coming home to Yourself

    • Moon 11: Coming home to yourself

  • 12

    Moon 12 (May Rewriting Family History)

    • The Theme of this Month: Rewriting Family History

    • Video: Rewrite Family History

  • 13

    Moon 13: Calling in the Healer


    • Theme of this Month: Stepping into the Healer Role

  • 14

    Moon 14 = END BONUS (Highest Potential Healing)

    • Eclipse Healing: Highest Potential Healing

  • 15

    Moon Energy Workshop

    • How to work with the workshop

    • Introduction

    • What is the moon?

    • Moon myths and the moon phases

    • Your Full Moon Meditation

    • Summary and recommendations

    • Dark Moon Exercise

    • Dark Moon Journaling sheets

    • Dark Moon Refection meditation

  • 16

    Eclipse 101

    • Eclipse 101 Welcome Video

    • Eclipses Introduction

    • Eclipse 101 Cheat sheet

    • Lunar Eclipse Recording

    • Lunar Eclipse PDF

    • Solar Eclipse Recording

    • Solar Eclipse PDF

    • Eclipse Magick: Yay or Nay?

  • 17

    Mercury Retrograde Workshop

    • Welcome to Mercury Retrograde

    • Mercury Retrograde: 3 Essentials to remember

    • Mercury Retrograde Cheatsheet: before the planet Retrogrades

    • Taking advantage of opportunity

    • Be your own fortune teller

    • Cheat sheet

    • Mercury RX and Your Exes

    • Meditation

    • Planning And Mercury RX

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