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This is an INVITATION ONLY 8-week program with weekly live calls.  

Inside Delphi is all about your inward journey.

This is for those asking the question: Who am I really?

You are and were always the only one able to  answer that question and it will lead to more inner security.

To uncover those deep truths, gifts and skills you need to walk the path.

All exercises will give you tools to use in your self-discovery. The journey and what you'll discover is different for all depending on what you are about and where you are at.

This is the connection to the Mystery and the divine feminine and the self you've so been longing for.

What will you get?: 

+ Each week you'll receive exercises and a topic on which you'll travel deeper into the self.
+ Twice a year when the veil is thinnest, the Temple will open for a round of travelling into Delphi and you'll have the opportunity to explore during our weekly calls together.
+ Access to the Facebook group (extra calls & room or questions when the Temple is Open)
+ When the Temple is open there are extra opportunities to ask more questions.
+ Lifetime access to the program

As a temporary bonus:
+ You'll get a 45 minute private call with me (to be used within the length of the program).

This program will be $999.

As I'm wrapping up the first round of beta-testing into the final program, you can have access for $555.

Want to go inward with me as your guide?

Laura Soer

Laura Soer

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self & authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power.

She has 20+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers and worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine & newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach.

Work with me one on one:
Clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Clear Blocks, Alignment and more on www.moonhousetarot,com

"I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you."

Course Includes

9 Videos

1 Text

21 PDFs

12 Audios

Course Curriculum

Bonus call 08: Gathering in the Temple