Dark Moon Membership (Payment Plan)

In the Dark Moon Healing you have the opportunity to connect with Yourself and the Moon each month.

The circles are an opportunity to connect with Divinity and you'll realize that you were always connected and part of the whole. You'll feel the energies, create magick, start experiencing synchronicity and tap into your own inner wisdom.

These circles are hosted to help you honour the own self, your journey and it will lead to getting to know yourself and to make choices that get you outcomes (and manifestations) that you desire.

The Moon is your portal that opens the Secrets to your Inner Self.

And this is your monthly Sacred Space.

What to expect? 
>> We will work with Themes in the Sky.
>> You'll get ancient Moon Knowledge and learn how to examine what works for you.
>> You will open portals of the Sacred and connect with the Divine.
>> For each of you they will lead to different paths.
>> You’ll have the ability to connect with Ancient Universal Truths and energies.

As a Monthly Moon Member you will receive access to extra workshops, extra Moon and sky Knowledge, you can ask Moon Questions (and there will be a new video on them each month!), meditations and so much more.

The focus will be on the Cycle of the Moon and transformation within for the following reasons:

> The Moon is your portal to the path within. If you don't know who you are and what you feel on the inside, then you will not find it outside of you.

> Understanding how the Moon works and seeing the cycle of life will help you so very much to understand everything in your life. When to let go, when to initiate, when to celebrate, why things are as they are, how to transition through phases, human nature and so much more.

> There will be one Monthly gathering. This will happen at Dark moon. That's because that is the time of Transformation. It's the time to shed the skin. It's the time that you can renew yourself. It is the time of healing and the most magical to walk between the worlds.

All healings provided will assist you with the month ahead. You will learn to work with three magnificent points of transformation of the DARK MOON PHASE: deep release, stillness and reflection and being with yourself, and initiate and choosing a direction in life that benefits you.

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You secure this price for as long as you are a member. Each month you'll receive more courses. Including Moon Energy in your second month of membership.

For now: Eclipse 101, Dark Moon Healing Circle, Full Moon Gratitude Meditation, Rebalance the Sun and Moon meditation.

>> Would you like to receive ALL THE BONUSES? And secure a monthly spot for as little as $25? And get invited to EXTRA calls like Moon Energy 2.0 (new recordings), 7 Days of Goddesses live call and so much more extra's.

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You'll get everything the Basic Moon Member gets and much more (starting with $600 extra courses). There will be extra calls, extra discounts and new courses.

Join for a year and receive the PLUS MEMBERSHIP as a Founding Member. The Healing Circle is then little as $25 a month (!) and receive over $600 in Bonuses in course as a start!.

This is the Founding Member Price that you will secure for as long as you remain a member.

New to me? 
I am a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer and I call myself a Dark Moon Healer, because I walked the full path of transformation represented by each cycle of the Moon. Like everyone that starts out on the Spiritual Path I flew really high when I got acquainted with the Spiritual Energies available to us.

It's exciting to see there is this whole different World available to each of us. And if you're new to this then the only response always is two fly Real High. Then there comes a point in which you'll have to face aspects of your life and Yourself to come out on the other side. All spirituality is grounding and practical in nature and that's where you'll end up at the end of your search.

Dark Moon Membership (Payment Plan) includes these courses

3: Release Failure September (Dark Moon Healing)
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2: Abundant Moon August (Dark Moon Healing)
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1: Cleanse & Reset Moon July (Dark Moon Healing))
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13: Calling in the Healer June (Dark Moon Healing))
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(End Bonus 2020 Circle) Highest Potential Healing
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12: Rewriting Family History May (Dark Moon Healing)
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