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New Year Bundle

Course description

This 19-day course helps you to declutter your house, mind and soul.

Looking for... 

+ Light hearted fun
+ Cooperation with the universe
+ Re-frame & re-choose
+ Manifesting
+ A clean house

You'll find all this in the spiritual declutter course. Yes, you'll clean your house and you will create actual space, but it is much more than that. It helps you get clear on your desires, retrieves joy and talents, it adds magic and it allows you to look past stuff and see how your personality is reflected back to you through your house.

Get into the headspace of your house

This 19 day course allows you to create sparkle and Magic while cleaning out the old.

Past participants experienced a lot of synchronisity (read reviews below)

You'll get daily exercises and meditations and as a bonus it will give you much more clarity about where you would like your life to head.

What is it?
This spiritual declutter will help you get an actual clean house, get clear on your intentions and direct your energy towards your desires and help draw them in.

You will receive a daily task with practical actions to take. It's easy to do & the steps are clear and concise. Making the divine very practical is what I do.

This is for you if…

+ you wanted to clean up anyway

+ you would like to have a fun, new perspective on the symbolism present in your house and see how it is connected to different life areas.

+ And/or are wanting to start new, refreshed chapters of your life: be it in work, love, personal well being or more.

With the spiritual decluttering:

+ You will have a clearer outlook on your life areas

+ Will feel more space within yourself and in your environment

+ Have fun cleaning!

Potential bonus: 
+ Rid yourself of an old outdated pattern

+ Clear old emotions and grudges

+ Starting new directions in work, love, money, health or more.

What you will get:
+ A daily exercise
+ Information on the symbolism in your house.
+ 3 guided meditations to support your process. (worth $30)
+ Recordings and reminders to cheer you on


+ Magical Intention setting sheet I give to my coaching clients that creates massive shifts.

+ Secrets on how to use it and to draw in your desires

+ Bonus Day on how to keep up your good work

You will have lifetime access

Includes the very powerful cord cutting plus meditation.

What other people say:

Kelley Lotosky from www.letsspreadbeauty.com: “New synchronicities seem to be happening daily. The declutter brought me clarity, the ability to let go of items I was keeping for the wrong reasons and looking at not obvious areas where clutter was collecting. Today I feel lighter. The bath ritual was a pleasant surprise, but I loved all of the exercises.”

“This 19-day program helped me declutter my mind, house and re-energize. The most notable effect was it helped me cutting away and releasing previous relationships. I noticed many people were getting back in contact and it felt like it was in order to release and balance up. Recommended.”

Siri: “Thank you for this program. The spiritual declutter is not only a physical, but also a mental activity that helps you feel better in many ways. I noticed that I felt less stressed by becoming more organized and also letting go of those things in my life I don’t need any more. It helps to become more centered.”

Laura Soer

Laura Soer

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self & authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power.

She has 20+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers and worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine & newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach.

Work with me one on one:
Clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Clear Blocks, Alignment and more on www.moonhousetarot,com

"I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you."

Course Includes

4 Texts

24 PDFs

6 Audios