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Seven days of Goddesses are seven days to connect with the divine feminine through meditation and meeting the energies of the days of the week.

I will include Mary & Mary Magdalene in this. Mary is the personification of the Goddess before Christianity took over as a religion. Magdalene is a representative of the suppressed divine feminine & female qualities.

You will receive a new, deep connecting meditation each day.

They will be forever yours.

The intention is to connect you to the divine feminine in a way that's fitting for you. Being aware of the energies of the days will help you align to yourself even more.

You were always a goddess. Are you ready to connect?

Please feel free to try out the introduction meditation I created to help you connect with the divine feminine.

What others say about the course:

(On the Friday Love meditation)

"Connect to your inner goddess and wisdom. Wow..

This is such a fun and interesting course. Seven meditations, seven goddesses, but different every day. I've been on this course since the beginning and some surprising stuff happened.

Sometimes the meditation was instantly very deep and sometimes it felt rather light and like nothing happened, but then afterwards.. wow.. when I woke up the next day, I knew (and felt!) something had shifted and got major insights. So beautiful. All of them were always exactly what I needed at that point and shifted something from within.

And you might find (I did) that each time I did the same meditation it was different every time was different. So cool! And I loved receiving the additional information about the energy of the day. Highly recommended."


Laura Diane  Soer

Laura Diane Soer

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

So glad to see you here! 

I am Laura Diane Soer, a Practical Spiritual Life Coach and I help people connect to their Authentic Self, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power.

I do believe paths cross for a reason. And if you are here it means you are on your Spiritual Journey to get ready for your next level. You may want to discover all the gifts and talents that are inside of you, want to learn and experience deep healing or are called by the Moon and the Divine Feminine Energy. I know one thing for sure: you live life through the emotional lens.

And if you want to learn from a coach that seriously practices what she preaches then you are right where you should be. I love teaching you all I have learned over the many years and hold the space for your Unique Path.

My Spiritual path started almost 25 years ago. Before I full-time started to assist coaching clients, I worked for 16 years a high profile written press journalist for national newspapers and magazines like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. My love for facts and understanding of objectivity is something that comes in handy. In fact: my clients call me the most grounded Spiritual Coach they ever worked with.

I gained a lot of knowledge by integrating the Spiritual into my daily life and learned from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers that would show up as if by magic. When you are ready the teacher appears, right? That surely has been my personal experience and I hope I can be that teacher for you.

More? I co-authored a travel guide, taught creative writing and am a certified Life Coach. I have an intense love for symbolism. I adore cats, am involved in animal rescue and my all-time favourite series is Twin Peaks (and the sequence!).  

Work with me 1-1:
You can book clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Subconscious Blocks Clearing Sessions, Alignment and more on www.moonhousetarot,com  

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"I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you."

Course Includes

1 Text

3 PDFs

15 Audios

Course Curriculum

Connect to the goddess meditation

Day 1: Monday and Hygeia

Day 2: Tuesday and Mary Magdalene

Day 3: Wednesday and Athena

Day 4: Thursday and Mary

Day 5: Friday and Aphrodite

Day 6: Saturday and the Dark Goddess

Day 7: Sunday and Sekhmet