Laura Soer

Magick Making, Moon Loving Entrepreneur

LIVE WORKSHOP for Magick & Moon loving entrepreneurs that want to learn how to use the Moon in their business. And are ready to receive powerful clearing and energy tools to speak your truth, become visible and call in you crowd.

Laura Soer

Moon Energy Workshop

This is an online workshop that debunks the current moon myths and explains how it was used from an ancient perspective. (spoiler alert: the full moon is not for release!)

Laura Soer

Eclipse 101

Laura Soer

Emotional Well-Being July $499

Release overwhelm and learn you how to work with your emotions, recognise if it's old hurt, how to heal it and rebalance your emotions.

Laura Soer

Deep Healing Series

Ready to lift your load? Feel lighter with this series of live webinar. They clear blocks and provide deep healing and transformation. As a bonus you'll receive 5 energy infused Past Life Vow Clearing meditations.

Laura Soer

7 days of Goddesses

Seven days to connect with the divine feminine through meditation and meeting the energies of the days of the week.