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Step in the space of SELF LOVE the coming Dark Moon.

When you embrace yourself where you are at right now, I promise you beautiful energy shifts will happen. 

Like attracts like.  

This DARK MOON is special, because the day before Mercury will go direct.

Embracing the self, self love, becoming aware of your unique traits and soul drives are all part of this Mercury Retrograde sequence.

In the Dark Moon Healing Circle:
+ There will be a HEALING (In The Dark Moon there's a "nothingness" that's excellent for receiving and becoming)
+ You"ll get journaling sheets to reflect
+ And Magick tips you can apply + And a Bonus on how to work with the dark moon.

I've been opening up for you; Self Love, Self Appreciation and Connecting to your Soul Drives are themes and this time you’ll use the energy of BECOMING.

In short it’s about all the times you say you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

It’s a wound everyone carries and it’s a childhood one.

It’s also what makes you reach for more, and different, and better, and trying, adjusting, and getting tired with it.

At some point you have to stop and BE.


And that will actually speed everything else up for you.

Once you know that you already ARE and HAVE then that’s your vibe.
And guess what? If you come from that place then you’ll get more of that.

It’s about releasing where you feel it’s not good enough…

When you tell yourself you’ll never get there.
When you say that you just need to attune point a, b, c or d and THEN all will be ok.
If you are not feeling OK right now.
If you are not ADMIRING yourself RIGHT NOW
Then why would that change?
All you focus on is what’s not there.
Not good enough…

The Dark Moon Phase is essentially about taking time TO BE.

And I’ll invite you to step into that energy together.

FRIDAY the 7TH of December.
BONUS: Friday is related to LOVE and VENUS. So very fitting for our theme.

These Healing Circles will be $29 monthly. Healing workshops with this type of work normally starts at $79.

However, I want to give everyone the opportunity to work with this energy EACH MONTH and decided to run an early bird of $19 as a subscription rate.

If you KNOW you LOVE this healing assistance then you can buy the coming 3 circles for $45 (that's only $15 per Moon circle)

And as a subscriber you continue to have access to the REPLAYS of the previous circles you've joined for as long as you remain a member.  

There is an EARLY BIRD Price of $19 for one (and if you have also joined last month's Dark Moon Healing you'll continue to have access to that Dark Moon Healing for another month if you join this one).
- xx -

Laura Soer

Laura Soer

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self & authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power.

She has 20+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers and worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine & newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach.

Work with me one on one:
Clarity readings, Akashic Healing, Clear Blocks, Alignment and more on www.moonhousetarot,com

"I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you."

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