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The 4-week program on emotional healing & well-being will start in July. I'm really excited about it, because it's going to be highly beneficial tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Especially as an intuitive or someone living life through the emotional lens the information is invaluable. And you don't have to figure it out in your own time over the years. I'll hand it to you.

A lot of emotional beings tend to be confused by their feelings and others. And as healers, empaths and compassionate people you may have thought it's all your doing. It's not true. Society never validated feelings much. So you never learned it.

All you feel is valuable. In fact it's your own special super power tool to highlight your own road in life.

They show the way and are the gateway to a deep connection with the self.

Instead you may often get distracted by them. Just because you are still learning to work wth them. You didn't have the tools.

Your feelings are never the enemy. They are there to tell you things. You don't have to derail and get distracted by them. Especially a problem for empaths and those living life through emotions.

If you learn to work with them instead it can bring so much more ease and flow in your life. And most of all welling very contented with who you are and where you are at in your life.

In this 4-week course you'll learn:

+ how to work with your emotions

+ recognise if it's old hurt and how to heal it if is

+ understand what your emotions are trying to tell you and release attachment to them so you are in control and do not get overwhelmed on how you feel.

The group will be small (max 8 people)

I have long worked with a system of 4 emotions (it's now actually been confirmed by psychology (they used to work with 6 basic ones).

So in this 4-week course there will be live calls on this in which you'll learn what your emotions try to tell you, how to heal the parts that are not contributing to outcomes you desire and reset the energy.

This is what I do for clients in blockbuster sessions and you will have a very powerful tool available to you that allows you to take control and be in the flow.

These are also basics that activate the law of attraction.

Your feelings determine your frequency.
The better you feel, the easier things are for you.

The more you are able to control them, the better your decision making and long term outcomes.

I'm keeping this group very small on purpose. So it's a safe place for all.

PM me if you want to join this round.

There's an EARLY BIRD offer. Instead of $499 you can purchase the course for $249.


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Laura Soer

Laura Soer

Spiritual coach, teacher, published author

Laura Soer is a practical spirituality coach that helps people connect to their authentic self & authentic creativity, so decisions come from you and you are connected to your own power.

She has 20+ years spiritual experience and learned from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers and worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine & newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and has a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, has taught creative writing and is a certified Life Coach.

Work with me one on one:
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"I approach your questions on all levels and layers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That combination will transform things for you."

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