Laura Diane Soer

Emotional Well-Being

Release overwhelm and learn you how to work with your emotions, recognise if it's old hurt, how to heal it and rebalance your emotions.

Laura Diane Soer

Invitation only: Inside Delphi

An 8-week journey into the self and the deepest layers of you. Only for those that desire to unravel their deepest secrets and uncover who they really are. Ready to learn your mysteries?

Laura Diane Soer

Moon Energy Workshop

This is an online workshop that debunks the current moon myths and explains how it was used from an ancient perspective. (spoiler alert: the full moon is not for release!)

Laura Diane Soer

Violet Flame Clearing

Deep clearing energy that burns away what has been preventing you from stepping into your personal truth and authentic power.

Laura Diane Soer

7 days of Goddesses

Seven days to connect with the divine feminine through meditation and meeting the energies of the days of the week.

Laura Diane Soer

Spiritual Declutter

This course will help you get an actual clean house, get clear on your intentions and direct your energy towards your desires and help draw it in. “This 19-day program helped me declutter my mind, house and re-energize. "